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Name Jan Jans Haveman
Birth 18 Dec 1814, Wapse,Beilen, Drenthe, the Netherlands
Death 29 May 1905, Michigan
Father Jan Jans Haveman (1796-1852)
Mother Trijntje Geerts Nijenhuis (1790-1862)
1 Reintien (Reintje) (Rena) (Hof) Noorman
Birth 13 Mar 1819, Netherlands
Death Between 1880 and 1900 , Michigan
Burial Zutphen Cementery, Ottawa County, MI
Father Jannes Hendriks Hof
Mother Hilligje Hendriks Knol
Marriage 1 Feb 1840, Diever-Drenthe, Netherlands
Children: Geert (George) (1856 - 1895)
Hilligje (1847 - )
Albert (1846 - 1916)
Jan (John) (1850 - )
Thijis (Tys) (1851 - 1932)
Hendrik (Henry) (1862 - 1919)
Jannes (Johannes) (1848 - 1924)
Notes for Jan Haveman
pg 3 Emmigrated to the US from the port of Beilen-Drenthe, Netherlands. Jan was a farmer, and in the Netherlands, the sons were expected to follow in their father's footsteps. Jan realized it would be hard to find farms for six sons, in the tiny densely populated country. He began to look ahead, and decided America was the place to go. So they emigrated to America in 1868, and settled in the state of Michigan.
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